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Submit a News Article Idea

You can submit a news article idea to the FireRescue1 editorial team via the Submit News page.

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Submit a Line of Duty Death (LODD) Notification for Fallen Firefighters

To report the death of a firefighter while on duty or related to performing firefighting duties, please submit the firefighter's information via the News Submission page, and select "Yes" for the question "Is y...

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Submit a Video

If you'd like to upload a video to the site, please upload it via FireRescue1's video site, FlashoverTV.

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Submit a Firefighting Tip

Submitting firefighting tips helps make our community better at fighting fires and makes everyone safer. If you have a good training, equipment, nutritional, or other firefighting related tip, please submit it ...

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Permission to Use an Article or Video

FireRescue1 publishes copyrighted, proprietary content to provide a useful service to our readers and customers. In some cases, we may be able to allow reprint or other use of our content, but you must contact ...

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Report an Error in an Article or Video

If you think there is a factual error or inaccuracy in one of our articles or videos, please contact our editorial team to report it.

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